How are the reports written?

We identify experienced founders and operators who want to work with best-in-class tools and bother them until they're willing to talk to us or contribute a report.

Will this actually improve my life?

Hours of research time, better product outcomes, and an opportunity to contribute back to the tool-user community.

Have you accepted any investment money?


Do contributors get access to reports?

Contributors who contribute a report's worth are given access to one free month subscription for all tiers but the highest

What's a "last-mile" question?

We'll help answer questions specific to your use-case for articles we've already written like: "Can I integrate my no-code blog with your recommended payments platform?" and find you an answer.

Do you use affiliate links?

No. We also do our best to disclose any possible conflicts of interest that might conflict with attempts at objective reporting and ask our contributors to sign an agreement to the same effect.

I still can't afford this.

Contact us. For most non-profit's we're willing to extend the first time founders information. For small team founders who still can't afford it we'll give you an account for free and help you find your tools

Have I seen this before?

Maybe. Credit for the idea goes to Satchel's Andrew Chen.

How can I help?

In order of helpfulness:

  1. contribute
  2. sign-up
  3. spread the word!