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Recent Reports

The best grammar tools for business writing

Our tester reviewed seven different grammar tools including Linguix, Grammarly, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Zoho Writer, Languagetool, and Hemmingway. Read on to learn which was their favorite and why.

The best bookkeeping software

Across the board, the UX for all the options isn't at the level of automated bookkeeping wizardry or even basic usability that you’d expect for 2021. For very small businesses use Zoho Books for it's ease of setup and price. For faster growing companies use the less inspiring but still solid Xero.

The best virtual office space for small groups

For many teams, virtual office space is still a nice-to-have and won't be a communications cure-all. But, if you're a team that's into the private library room or small-group room vibe for remote work checkout Here or Gather's virtual offices.

Blog: the best AI writing assistants for fiction

A fiction writer tested five AI-enabled writing assistants to get more perspective on these tools and what they offer someone who writes for a living. Sudowrite best incorporates stock writing and world-building tools into its control panel and doesn't make the user feel like they have to tinker with a machine apart from their writing process. You can also start with the test stories here.